Our "3-Legged Stool" Approach

At Pure Energy Advertising we often talk about our "3-legged stool" approach to advertising. What's that? We think every ad campaign should contain at least 3 elements. For example one campaign might contain Television, Direct Mail & Web and another might contain Print, Email, Radio & Outdoor. Using "at least 3" elements is the key.

Why at least 3? Hitting your target audience with the same ad message from different sources increases your penetration rate and the frequency at which your ad message is seen and/or heard. This increases the overall effectiveness of your campaign.

Think of a stool with only 1 or 2 legs. That kind of stool wouldn't be very effective. But a 3-legged stool, like a 3-legged ad campaign, strikes the right balance. Below is a list of the many services we provide that will give your ad campaign the balance it needs to be effective. If you'd like to contact us to talk about your next campaign just click here.


•  Research
•  Target Market Analysis
•  Competitor Insight
•  Positioning
•  Name Development
•  Slogan / Tagline Development
•  Logo Development

Internet Marketing

•  Social Media Marketing (SMM)

•  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

•  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

•  Keyword Demand Analysis
•  Website Development
•  Email Campaigns
•  Banner Ads
•  Web Video’s
•  Blogs

Direct Marketing

•  Email Campaigns
    Design, List Development, Delivery,
    Online Reporting & Stats

 •  Direct Mail Campaign
    Designs, List Development/Acquisition,
    CASS Certification, Delivery



•  Brochures
•  Sales Sheets
•  Presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote)
•  Sales Kits
•  CD’s / DVD’s


•  Package Design
•  Point of Sales Materials
•  Labels & Tags


•  Planning
•  Promotion
•  Invitations / Ticket Design


•  Jingles
•  Original Music

Media (Broadcast TV, Cable, Radio, Web, Print, Outdoor)

•  Research
•  Planning
•  Placement
•  Audits

TV, Radio & Long Form Video

•  Concepts
•  Writing
•  Storyboarding
•  Talent Acquisition
•  TV Commercial Production
•  Radio Commercial Production
•  Infomercial Production
•  Sales, Product & Training Video’s


•  Animatics (3D storyboards)
•  Motion Graphics Design
•  2D & 3D Modeling & Animation


•  Corporate Identity Materials
    Business Cards, Letterheads & Envelopes
•  Print Ads
•  Direct Mail Pieces
•  Posters / Billboards
•  Catalogs


•  Billboards / Poster Boards
•  Banners
•  Vehicle Wraps

Trade Shows / Displays / Giveaways

•  Trade Show Booth
•  Graphics
•  Signage
•  Collateral Material
•  Giveaways (Trinkets)

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